Calls to Strengthen Regional Emissions Coalition

More than 50 New York organizations and individuals delivered a letter to Governor Cuomo this week calling on him to strengthen the multi-state coalition that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


Coalition Pushes Cuomo, Others, on Greenhouse-Gas Cap

A coalition of environmentalists, renewable energy advocates, elected officials and national groups released a letter today that was delivered to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, calling on him to back changes to a regional cap-and-trade program for greenhouse-gas emissions.


Extreme weather linked to climate change

Environment New York's Eric Whalen joins the Richard French Live Show to talk about the link between recent extreme weather events and global warming.

Watch the interview here.


Expert warns more extreme weather could risk life, property

More intense and more frequent rain and snowstorms — on the rise because of climate change, according to an environmental advocacy group — mean more property damage and a greater threat to human life.


NY Storms Increase in Frequency and Severity

Weather is getting more extreme, a newly released analysis of precipitation across the United States from 1948 to 2011 found.