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News Release | Environment New York

New York ranks 7th so far this year in solar added

A new analysis released today by SEIA/GTM Research shows New York ranks 7th for solar installations in the first quarter of 2017. Nationally, solar accounted for 30 percent of new energy capacity in that time. The report comes as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled a $1.65 billion investment in renewable energy, following the U.S. decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord. 

News Release | Environment New York

President Trump has got it exactly backwards

“President Trump has got it exactly backwards: there’s no sound economy in our future without a healthy planet.  If national leadership chooses to ignore that reality, then governors and mayors must step in to fill the leadership void to show the world that Americans will do our part to address the climate crisis.”

-- Heather Leibowitz, Environment New York

News Release | Environment New York

Trump Budget Delivers More Pollution Not More Power to States Including New York

Based on a briefing by the Trump Administration, President Trump’s proposed FY18 budget would cut important environmental and health programs. Below is a statement from Heather Leibowitz, Director of Environment New York, on the president’s FY’18 budget proposal.

News Release | Environment New York

Senate votes to keep limits on dangerous methane pollution

Today, 51 senators voted against an attempt to reverse an Obama-era regulation that tightens limits on methane emissions from oil and gas development on public lands. Heather Leibowitz, Director of Environment New York, said the following:

News Release | Environment New York

New York City’s health at risk with 168 dirty air days in 2015

Air pollution remains a major threat to our health, according to a new report from Environment New York Research & Policy Center, Our Health at Risk: Why Are Millions of Americans Still Breathing Unhealthy Air? In 2015, people here in New York City experienced 168 unhealthy air pollution days, increasing the risk of premature death, asthma attacks and other adverse health impacts. “Even one day with unhealthy air is too many,” said Heather Leibowitz, Director of Environment New York. “Burning dirty fuels like coal, oil and gas threatens our health. It’s time to shift to 100 percent clean, renewable energy.”