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News Release | Environment New York Research and Policy

Toxic Chemicals Found in New York Waterways

Industrial facilities continue to dump millions of pounds of toxic chemicals into America’s rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans each year – threatening both the environment and human health. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), industrial facilities dumped more than 5,303,190 lbs of toxic chemicals into New York Waterways in 2012 alone. 

News Release | Environment New York

America's Solar Cities

Solar power is on the rise across America—increasing 200-fold in the United States since 2002—and major cities are helping to lead this clean energy revolution. Shining Cities: At the Forefront of America’s Solar Energy Revolution shows that cities from every region of the U.S. are driving solar development with strong public policies – reaping important benefits for the environment, public health, and the economy. By building local solar power, cities can keep more of their energy budget at home and create good local jobs.

News Release | Environment New York

New York Takes Action to Reduce Climate-Altering Carbon Pollution

New York just announced improvements to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a pioneering effort to clean up climate-altering carbon pollution from power plants. The changes to the program will reduce power plant pollution in the region by 15 percent within the decade.

News Release | Environment New York Research & Policy Center

New York's National Seashores, Monuments Underfunded, Under Threat

As Congress approaches another deadline on the federal budget, a new Environment New York Research & Policy Center analysis, entitled Death by a Thousand Cuts, exposes the challenges facing Fire Island National Seashore and other New York parks, monuments and historic sites as a result of mounting funding cuts to the National Park Service.

News Release | Environment New York

Massive Conservation Coalition Calls for Bold Action to Advance Offshore Wind Power

With critical federal tax incentives set to expire on December 31, Environment New York, the National Wildlife Federation, and over 230 other organizations and elected officials Wednesday to urge the Obama administration to take swift, bold action to facilitate the development of offshore wind power.